I have raised £353.80 so far for Cancer Research.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, so far I have raised £353.80 for Cancer Research.

Wow what a day, first you go on the small zip wire which is 22m (72ft) above ground and 450m (1476ft) long and you can go up to 45mph (72kmh) in speed. The main thought going through my head on this one was “I am going to hit the trees”…lol.

After you have done the little zipper they take you up in a truck to the top of the big zipper. After 15mins drive you get out at the top and watch the group before going down. At this point you start thinking “Oh pants what am I doing?”

The big zipper is 153m (500ft) above the ground, 1600m (approx. 1 mile) long and you can go up to 115mph (185kmh) in speed.

You get strapped up then they count you down, then off you go. The ground is whizzing past and you feel like you are flying. Once you have gone over the lake you have to put your arms out to slow yourself down, then you have to grab hold of a pole that a person is holding to pull you onto a platform.

It really was an exhilarating experience.

Thanks again to everyone that has sponsored me, it is not too late if you haven’t yet click on the link to donate. http://www.justgiving.com/Louise-Pugh2

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