How To Use Your Spellbinders Metal Shim Tutorial.

Hi Crafter’s,

Have you ever had a die that doesn’t cut all over no mater what you try or how many bits of card shims you stick in?

Well the other day I was told about metal shims by a fellow crafter. So I looked into finding some.

Spellbinders do a metal shim for the grand calibur so I ordered some in for my shop.

I got straight to work to see how well it worked and I was very impressed.

So the first thing you need to know is the sandwich layers.

For the Grand Calibur only;

1, A. Base Plate

2, Metal Shim

3, Paper, felt or fabric

4, (For detail dies on paper) wax paper

5, Die ridges face down

6, B. Embossing Plate

Then cut, if you are using paper or card take out the metal shim then use the tan rubber mat in the normal sandwich to emboss.

The next image is using a die cut that I have had the most problems with and it cut it in two passes.

Dies used on felt and fabrics, cotton, cotton fur and towelling.

Flowers made up.

Felt flowers, Sue Wilson Die CED1407 Classic Rose.

Felt flowers, Spellbinders S4-357 Spiral Blossom Three Die.

Felt flowers, Spellbinders S5-086 Bitty Blossoms Die.

Felt flowers, Spellbinders S5-086 Bitty Blossoms Die.

Felt flowers, Sue Wilson Delicate Daisies Complete Petals CED1417 Die.

In my opinion the Spellbinders Metal Shim makes cutting detailed dies so much easier, and cutting felt and fabrics a breeze.

The Spellbinders Metal Shim is now in stock at Louloupurple in Dolgellau. Due to the weight of this plate we have not got it listed on the website, but if you are happy to pay for the extra weight in postage then please email us at

Happy Crafting.

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