Pebeo Studio Acrylics 20 Tubes Set


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Pebeo Studio Acrylics 20 Tubes Set

Studio High Viscosity Acrylic is a satin finish acrylic paint.

It has a thick consistency so is suited to work in dimension.

It retains the brush or painting knife mark and can be used pure or with the Pebeo Studio Acrylic mediums, depending on the desired effect. Very adherent and indelible once dry.

Drying time 3 minutes – 1 hour depending on thickness.

Clean brushes with soapy water.

Set of 20 assorted 20ml tubes + 1 white bristles brush.

Colours Included: Iridescent Blue/Red, Iridescent Green Blue, Iridescent Green Yellow, Titanium White (opaque), Primary Yellow (semi-opaque), Cadmium Orange Hue (semi-opaque), Cadmium Red Hue (opaque), Primary Magenta (transparent), Azo Pink (transparent), Oriental Violet (transparent), Dark Ultramarine Blue (semi-opaque), Primary Cyan (semi-opaque), Turquoise Blue (opaque), Cadmium Green Hue (semi-opaque), Phthalocyanine Green (transparent), Buff Titanium (opaque), Yellow Ochre (opaque), Burnt Umber (opaque), Payne’s Grey (opaque), and Mars Black (opaque).