Pebeo Studio Acrylics. DYNA Orange Yellow 353. 100ml


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Pebeo Studio Acrylics. DYNA Orange Yellow 353. 100ml

Vivid and deep, richly pigmented colours with a satin finish.

Mixable with each other.

Thick consistency particularly suited to work in dimension.

Retains the brush or painting knife stroke.

Can be used alone or with Studio Acrylics mediums.

Adheres well, allowing for collage work, inclusions, layering and more.

Permanent and flexible paint film when dry.

Good lightfastness.

The Dyna Iridescent colours have the gift of light and are formulated from interference/effect pigments called pearl pigments. Pearl pigments are composed of sheets of different materials with different refractive indices, which transmit part of the light and reflect another part, resulting in either an iridescent or pearl effect. The colours change depending on the angle of light refraction.