Sizzix Making Tool Paper Sculpting Kit 662225


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Sizzix Making Tool Paper Sculpting Kit

Want to make realistic-looking flowers?

The Sizzix Paper Sculpting Kit features seven versatile tools to add realism to Sizzix flower shapes and other projects.

The Moulding Pad helps in cupping, shaping, stirring and other flower-creating techniques.

The Detail Moulding Pad creates lifelike veins in the paper leaves.

This kit can be used with our making essentials, these include cardstock, textured roll, crepe paper and foam.

Add dimension and definition to your paper flowers with the Fine Detail Tool, Reverse-Action Tweezers, Quilling Tool, Small Scissors and Stylus tools.

1 Moulding Pad,
1 Detail Moulding Pad,
1 1mm/2mm Fine Detail Tool,
1 5mm/8mm Stylus Tool,
1 10mm Stylus/Quilling Tool,
1 Pair of Reverse-Action Tweezers,
1 Small Scissors