Woodware Mechanical Mesh 2.25 x 7.75 Stencil FRST029


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Woodware Mechanical Mesh 2.25 in x 7.75 in Stencil

7.75″ x 2.25″ Stencil

  • Easy wipe clean
  • Flexible and Durable

Stencil designed by Francoise Read.

Create your own stylish backgrounds and decorations for your projects with this great Bubbles design which can be used in so many ways. I love the randomness of design that Francoise has created. This stencil/mask is made from durable plastic and can be used with paint, ink, chalk, and of course the mica mists and are also a great addition to your die cutting embossing machine. Simply place the mask on your project and spray, for added effect multiple masks can be used, or re-arrange the mask and repeat with an additional colour. When finished simply wipe clean. For a different effect take a print from the mask after is has been sprayed simply spray the mask, then push paper or card over it to lift the mist. Masks can also be used to dry emboss for a more delicate effect. And for the ultimate in easy embossing use your roller die cutting machines with the necessary soft embossing mats. They are suitable for paper fabric, or any other surface depending on the ink or paint choice.